This is for Web Site Maintainers for Mary Kay Unit Sites.

Along with the announcement of connect we are also introducing a Site maintainer rewards program::

When you register for the Maintainer Loyalty Program, it allows you to register yourself as the maintainer for a particular site.

Once you have reach 5 sites, we will send you a check (or offer you credit on a UnitNet Site) $1.00 a month per site that you are registered with. (you must always have more than 5 active fully paid sites) With connect, you do not have to know your customers facebook username and password. All they have to do, is make you an administrator for their facebook page. You can see a more detailed explanation on how to do that by going to: here

We are SO excited with the announce connect

connect by UnitNet brings together the features of UnitNet and the popularity of Facebook. connect brings your UnitNet site to where the people are, on Facebook! Its very easy to use and lets you capitalize on the worlds most popular social media site.

The way it works is you sign up for connect and as part of that process you create a Facebook business page if you don't already have one. The Facebook business page allows you to keep your personal Facebook page separate from your MaryKay Facebook page. This in fact is how MaryKay recommends you do it. Click Here to see their video.

There are two options for connect. You can have it as a stand alone site or as part of your existing UnitNet Site. If you select it as an "add-on" to your UnitNet site the information on your UnitNet site is automatically synchronized on both your UnitNet site and your Facebook page.

connect adds UnitNet features like special recognition reports, your training center, your home page and custom menu pages as well as your calendar. In addition to this you have all the normal Facebook tools for photos, guestbook (wall), etc in addition to all the other social media tools of Facebook.

It also comes at a great pr1ce! The UnitNet add-on is $0.99 cents per month ($12.99 for the standalone version). On top of that there's no risk because you can try it for 30 days at no cost. If your new to Facebook and need some extra help setting it up we also have an option for that too.

If you are going to be at Leadership, come by the booth. We would love to show you how it works.